Hear what people who have participated in Career Support Network have to say about us.

“Being a part of the career transition group is truly the most beneficial thing that anyone can do while searching for a job. Not only does the CSN group provide that accountability partner to help push you forward through rejections, but the group helps you understand how to lay out a plan of action from marketing and networking strategies to interviewing skills. The mentors within the CSN group are invested in seeing each individual succeed. They are a diverse group with strengths in different areas that compliment each other. I am grateful for my experience and will continue to benefit from the skills that I have learned while being a part of the CSN group.”


Biotechnology Research Scientist


“I found the Memphis CSN Group to be a blessing. The techniques I learned made me a stronger candidate for my job search. I will always have respect and admiration for the work this group does.”


Information Technology

“Have you ever needed someone in your corner during a job hunt? Someone that knows the job market and has insight into great contacts that can help you land your dream job? I found that hidden gem in my CSN group. A fantastic group of mentors that held me accountable for reaching for my dreams, listened when I needed it the most, and taught me the fine art of knowing how to ask for what I wanted. You can have them in your corner as well!”


VP, CXO Chief of Staff

“Being part of an every week CSN meeting/group was a nice way to keep me centered.  I was responsible for doing work to build a network and asked to be accountable to myself and others while researching and building relationships to find a new opportunity. 

The CSN family made it easy to talk to and receive ideas and criticism to assist in my job search. They really care about you and are there to help you.”


Insurance Industry